A better way to buy a better bed.

Try before you buy.

Save up to 50% off MSRP prices!

(It’s like a sale that never ends.)

Better sleep starts here.

At Cardinal Mattress our goal is to help you find the perfect mattress for the perfect night’s sleep. No high-pressure selling. No nonsense. No kidding.

Make an appointment or stop by.

Guess what?
We’re NOT having a sale!

Mattress stores always have sales. But unlike most mattress stores, we’re unlike most mattress stores. At Cardinal Mattress we think sales gimmicks insult your intelligence. The ads are everywhere and they’re always annoying. So instead of an ongoing con job, we offer all of our mattresses at prices set by the manufacturers.

You won’t find our mattresses for a lower price anywhere!

Period. End of story.

Cardinal Rules of Mattress Shopping

What made us create a better way to buy a better bed.

The Cardinal Mattress story is quite a story.